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WHAT IS IT?   Scenic Lets is a unique, cost effective and expertly designed building system which you can customise to suit your specific brief and the character of your location. The aim is to give you maximum freedom of design whether your project is a self build kit house, a luxury holiday let as your own business, or a larger scale development.

The result is a distinctive, timeless, and light flooded space of high quality consisting of long lasting materials, with the option to be as cost effective as your budget allows or as high end as your specification requires.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?  Scenic Lets uses industry standard sized components that are compatible with off the shelf foundations. Production waste is kept to a minimum keeping costs low from the beginning. The building system has the flexibility to either be manufactured off-site or built on site depending on what works best in your specific situation. This also ensures that the erection process is accurate and in line with your customised solution. The engineering and specification allows the optimised structure to be erected throughout the world. All internal supporting functions for bathroom, kitchen, fireplace, and boiler cabinet are made compact. By designing in this way, not only is the technical layout significantly simplified, but the room sizes are maximised and different activities are acoustically well separated. The result is a floor plan, where corridors are minimised and rooms are spacious and adaptable as all internal partitions are designed to be non-load bearing.

WHAT IS IT MADE OF?   The quality of Scenic Lets arises from the beauty of its design, in combination with its efficient engineering and the high level of craftsmanship. In the detailing, specialist products are consciously avoided in order to limit complexities and to retain control of costs by using readily available materials and connections. Both structure and finishes consist of timber, a renewable yet durable material with excellent stability, insulating, acoustic, and fire resistant properties. It is precise to manufacture, fully recyclable, easy to transport, responsibly sourced and FSC approved. Above all, this structure creates  a warm, comfortable, healthy and sustainable environment.
INSULATION   The high level of thermal and acoustic insulation ensures that Scenic Lets is suitable for both warm and cold climates. The emphasis on having a well-insulated and draft proof building is part of a passive heating strategy and ensures that running costs are kept low from the outset.
WINDOWS   The high quality specification of the pre-finished triple glazed windows allows  the overall space to not only be filled with light but also to be warm and secure with all openings being protected by security locks.
ROOF   The overhang of the roof ensures that the envelope of the building is fully protected against the elements with minimal requirement for maintenance. Rain water is discharged in a simple and controlled manner and the inside of the building is protected against overheating. The profile of the corrugated roof sheets is fully customisable.
SERVICES   All services are located in a separate zone throughout the building ensuring that the insulated envelope is never compromised. This gives you the freedom to select and position the services wherever you need them.

HOW CAN I CUSTOMISE IT?    As experienced architects we are here to advise you throughout the design of your specific project. All internal floor layouts as well as the fenestration are fully customisable. Internal walls, floors and ceilings can be finished with your choice of materials, to ensure the overall character and atmosphere of the project reflects your needs. All projects and clients ambitions are different. At Scenic Lets we believe it is essential to give you control when it comes to the finishes of your building. Both drawings and specifications relating to your choice of finishes, are included in your customised package. This information makes it easy to quantify materials and reassures that the finishes are to the same quality as the rest of the building.


A complete air and water tight envelope including all windows and openings, internal partitions and drainage system ready to be connected on site
A complete foundation system.
All timber substructure for both internal and external finishes.
Scenic Lets standard external finishes for wall and pitched roof.
Scenic Lets standard internal finishes for floor, partitions and ceiling. Kitchen units, and all other white goods, bathroom fittings, lights and switches.
The Scenic Lets  standard heating and hot and cold water system.
All building specific documentation throughout all stages: from customised design to construction drawings and specification for site erection.
Manufacturing and erection of your Scenic Lets unit.
A warranty package for your choice of components is handed over after your Scenic Lets unit is erected along with the relevant user manuals.



All site specific documentation, certificates and reports required for both planning and building warrant application are excluded, as all sites are different and unknown to us at this point. We do however, offer an additional planning and building warrant service package.
All site specific work outwith the building such as levelling of the site, forming of access, additional foundations and excavation if required.
On site drainage and field drains, and service connections like water and electricity will need to be added.
The cost of your site and furniture.

STEP 1 - DESIGN   The following gives you an overview of what is required in order to make your project a reality, and how you can use our services to make it a stress free process in only four comprehensive steps. Once you make initial contact with Scenic Lets, we will support you from the very beginning - starting with a meeting with our architectural team to identify the best way to make your project a success. We can guide you through all the options Scenic Lets has to offer and help you to make informed choices for your individual project and budget. This step can be a highly rewarding collaboration and establishes the basis for all the following works. It is essential to get it right for you, the building and its environment. At the end of this stage we will provide you with a customised and building specific drawing package.
COST CONTROL   A detailed cost update of your customised building, including transport to site and erection, will be provided at the end of this stage. In addition we will give you our best estimate for all the works that are in direct connection with your individual site and therefore vary from project to project. The same applies to all the internal and external finishes you are choosing. Because Scenic Lets has both an in-house quantity surveyor and on site erection team, risk is significantly reduced giving you control of both cost and timescale.
CONTEXT   We will have a close look at the opportunities and restraints of your site, including views, settlement patterns of the area and access requirements for your site, and check if there are any planning requirements in order to determine the best position, typology, and materiality of your project.
SUSTAINABILITY   In addition to the context it is important to think about the orientation of your building and to define a sustainability target from the very start to ensure a healthy environment and to project future running costs of the building.

STEP 2 - PERMISSIONS   Before your project can be built, you will most likely require planning permission and a building warrant. Depending on the location of your project every local council has its specific regulations and approval times for your application, which can vary significantly. Scenic Lets units have been designed to comply with all legal procedures to date. We can arrange both your planning and building warrant applications by using our accredited consultants which include structural engineers, SAP consultants, drainage consultants and land surveyors. Alternatively you can appoint your own agent for organising all site specific drawings, specifications, and reports that need to be included in the applications above and on top of the building specific information that we will provide you with.
PLANNING APPLICATION   Your drawing documentation needs to be incorporated in the specific context of your building plot, typically including position on site, topography, access compliance, fresh water and drainage solution, and a design statement. Depending on your plot, there might be additional requirements like a flood or radon risk report amongst others, all which we can obtain for you, if you choose to appoint us as your agent for the submission. We will keep track of your application and answer all queries directly and promptly for you. Since the finishes are customisable, all aesthetic requirements from the council, if there are any, can be matched. An awareness of the restraints of your local area in advance of the submission helps to keep the overall process smooth.
BUILDING WARRANT   Once the planning application is granted, we will prepare the working drawings and specifications required for your building warrant application. This includes the engineering of the project for your specific building plot including foundations, determined by the result of a ground investigation at the position of your building. Based on your previously established sustainability strategy and choice of heating system the production of SAP calculations will demonstrate the thermal performance and environmental impact of your building, which is a requirement from your council. Depending on the requirements for your site, the previously established drainage solution needs to be further detailed and specified for the submission of your building warrant application.

STEP 3 - MANUFACTURE   After your building warrant is issued and you have signed off our construction drawing and specification package, key components of your Scenic Lets unit are manufactured under factory conditions and the windows ordered simultaneously. As Scenic Lets is a modular system, its components are already known, allowing the overall process to be fast and efficient by eliminating the need for long lead times. Working within a system has the advantage that the process of manufacturing the components of your building is already tried and tested with mistakes being eliminated, from the off. In order to guarantee the high quality standard, all off-site components and connections are tested and prepared before delivery to site. The number of building parts and connection details are kept precise and efficient in order to be easy to erect as well as keeping transport costs at a minimum. We will provide you with an updated timescale at the beginning of this stage. This allows the access, foundations and drainage on site to be prepared at the same time.

STEP 4 - ERECTION   All off-site manufactured components are delivered to site as a protected flat pack. Site preparation and the erection of your Scenic Lets unit go hand in hand. The better the site is prepared, the quicker your building can be erected and connected to the existing services. The erection of your building is sequenced to avoid  the components being exposed to the elements for long periods of time. The simplicity and minimal impact of the Scenic Lets foundation system ensures that the building is out of the ground quickly and with minimal complications. In order to keep the quality of your building intact, some components are constructed specifically on site and in a bespoke manner. After the envelope is fully completed all junctions of the erected building are additionally insulated to eliminate cold bridging and to guarantee a continuous level of protective membranes. With the windows in place your building is now air and water tight. Following this, a large proportion of time is reserved to achieve your customised finishes. Once all works have been completed, we do a final inspection before final hand over.

PAYMENT STAGES For the total cost of a Scenic Lets building system:
PAYMENT 1 Design              1% of unit price
PAYMENT 2 Permissions    9% of unit price
PAYMENT 3 Manufacture   40% of unit price
PAYMENT 4 Erection           40% of unit price
PAYMENT 5 Completion     10% of unit price

All Scenic Lets works can be timed precisely, whereas the time for the approval of your applications is determined by your council.


PLANNING AND BUILDING WARRANT SERVICE (OPTIONAL)   For the provision of all site specific information required for planning and building warrant applications. A detailed breakdown of services and costs required for your specific application is provided by our accredited consultants once the location of your project is clarified.



CONTACT US   Scenic Lets is a multi-disciplinary company consisting of award winning architects, highly experienced quantity surveyors and contractors who take pride in what they are creating. Scenic Lets is made up of a well connected team and has access to consultants with multiple fields of expertise. The philosophy of the company is to bridge the gap between professionals working in the building industry, to deliver a product that is of high quality whilst being competitively priced. We care about our clients and the built environment and are interested in contributing buildings that are of relevance to our times.
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